Black Siren Will Be In A Position Of Power In Arrow Season 7


Heading into Arrow‘s seventh season, one thing that I’m personally looking forward to seeing is anything having to do with Black Siren. So far, Earth-2’s Laurel Lance has been accompanied by much intrigue wherever she goes. Whether it was her debut near the end of The Flash season 2, or what she brought to the table in the two years to follow on Arrow, scenes involving this doppelganger have made for good television more often than not.

So, now that it appears she’ll be walking a more heroic path when the saga resumes, it should be exciting to see actress Katie Cassidy exploring the character from yet another angle. As it turns out, the newer iteration of Laurel will continue following in the footsteps of her predecessor in a certain respect.

You see, while new showrunner Beth Schwartz was discussing Oliver Queen’s imprisonment with TV Line, she again said how Felicity will be handling it the worst. But as for who’s coping the best, she followed with “I would say Laurel,” only to have the outlet themselves confirm that that “the team’s Earth-Two frenemy is now Star City’s DA.”

As you may remember, we saw the dominoes begin to fall in this regard late last season, when Laurel 2.0 picked up where her deceased doppelganger left off. And now that she’s seemingly taken a shine to her newfound career, one can only assume she’ll use it to her advantage as she begins plotting revenge against Ricardo Diaz.

Need we remind you, “the Dragon” survived season 6’s finale and is currently in the wind. Having a big bad carry over into the next year isn’t necessarily something we the viewers are used to, but it’s safe to assume that Schwartz and company have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.

Source: TV Line