Black Widow Star Reportedly Returning To The MCU In Hawkeye


Marvel Studios currently have nine TV shows in the works for Disney Plus, and so far, Hawkeye is the only one that hasn’t officially cast the title character. Of course, Jeremy Renner will be back as expert archer Clint Barton, but the 49 year-old is taking a supporting role as the mentor to leading lady Kate Bishop as the MCU continues establishing a new generation of heroes to lead the franchise into the future.

Hailee Steinfeld was heavily rumored to have been cast as Bishop months ago, but so far, Marvel have refused to confirm or deny anything, while the actress herself has remained tight-lipped. Tatiana Maslany, meanwhile, went as far as to state outright that she wasn’t playing She-Hulk despite being congratulated by her onscreen cousin Mark Ruffalo, so it isn’t surprising that we’re still waiting to find out exactly who will be joining Renner in Hawkeye.

In the meantime, though, the show continues to bulk up its cast and Black Widow‘s Florence Pugh has reportedly become the second big name to join the project, which has a nice symmetry with Hawkeye’s MCU arc so far. After all, Clint and Natasha Romanoff were longtime friends, colleagues and allies, so it seems fitting that the actress set to inherit the mantle from Scarlett Johansson would show up in some capacity on a series that exists entirely to establish Kate Bishop as Renner’s long-term replacement.

Based on the aforementioned actor’s social media activity, it looks as though Hawkeye may have already started filming, and if that’s the case, then Marvel have done an impressive job in maintaining the veil of secrecy. All signs certainly point to Steinfeld suiting up as Kate Bishop, though, and it can’t be denied the 23 year-old Academy Award nominee would be a solid choice for the role.