Bleak New Trailer For Black Mirror Season 4 Confirms December Premiere


The fourth season of Black Mirror is only three weeks away.

That’s the news coming out of Netflix this afternoon, after the online giant confirmed that six new episodes – six bleak, technology-driven nightmares – will be available to consume from December 29th. A suitably chilling trailer accompanied today’s media dump (see above), which cuts between each new chapter in Charlie Brooker’s Emmy-winning anthology series.

From the Jodie Foster-directed “Arkangel” to “Metalhead,” the show’s first ever black-and-white episode (see below), Black Mirror season 4 looks set to deliver another dose of unmissable drama. It’s vintage Brooker, too: happiness is fleeting and, supposedly, everything happens for a reason. Other instalments include “Crocodile,” “Hang the DJ,” “Black Museum,” and the Star Trek-inspired “USS Callister,” which stars Jesse Plemons and Jimmi Simpson of Fargo and Westworld, respectively.

At the top, Jodie Foster’s “Arkangel” looks to examine the repercussions of overprotective parenting – because even in a dystopian future, wrapping one’s child in cotton wool is never a good thing – while “Metalhead” sees Maxine Peake on the run from a giant, mechanized canine that looks as though it’s escaped from the bowels of Boston Robotics. David Slade (Breaking Bad, American Gods) directs that one.

Elsewhere, “Black Museum” is exactly that – a museum of nightmares and strange, twisting devices. And last but not least, “Crocodile” explores a future in which memory is subjective, while “Hang the DJ” essentially revolves around Tinder’s evil twin – not only does the dating app select your significant other, it also decides when your relationship ends. Yikes.

Featuring a familiar mix of prescient satire and technology-gone-wrong, Black Mirror season 4 is expected to boot online on December 29th – just in time for the most joyous and memorable season of the year. Wait a second…