Next Season Of Boardwalk Empire Will Be The Last, But Game Of Thrones Will Go On


Notorious political boss and racketeer Enoch Johnson died in a convalescent home at age 85. His fictional counterpart, Nucky Thompson, will be making a more graceful exit after the fifth season of Boardwalk Empire, which was just announced by HBO as the series’ last.

That wasn’t a spoiler, by the way. I’m not saying he’s going to die. I’m just saying the show is going to end. So, you know, calm down.

Speaking of people dying, though, there will be a lot more of that going on in Game of Thrones, which will be starting its fourth season on Sunday, April 6th, and has no end in sight. As long as the show keeps getting good ratings and George R.R. Martin thinks of new and creative ways to not just finish the damn book series already, we’ll get to continue seeing characters we’ve come to know and love getting brutally slaughtered in the most horrifying, gut-wrenching ways imaginable.

Both of these announcements came at the same time today via a press release and TCA appearance by HBO. They made some other announcements, too, like that Veep will be returning on the same day as Game of Thrones. So after you get done watching people get dismembered with swords and beheaded by axes and disemboweled by wolves, you can watch something even more brutal with what is arguably the most cringe-inducing comedy currently on TV, Fox & Friends not withstanding.

In addition, Beavis and Butthead creator and Office Space director Mike Judge will be returning to TV with his new HBO series Silicon Valley, which will also also debut on April 6th, so set aside a pretty good chunk of time that day to watch shows that all promise to be very good.

The final season of Boardwalk Empire will debut a bit later than all that, getting the gang together for one last round of greed, corruption, and tommy guns next fall.

Source: Indiewire