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Boastful Loki Actor Says He Was Telling The Truth About Cap And Iron Man Encounter

Was he telling the truth?

Boastful Loki

When Loki ventured into the Void during episode five of his titular TV series, he found four variants of himself that all have their own unique traits, including Boastful Loki.

As the name suggests, Boastful Loki has some big achievements he claims to have garnered during his life back on his original timeline. One of these is taking down both Iron Man and Captain America in the process of collecting the six infinity stones.

While this is never truly confirmed nor denied, in an interview with The Direct, Boastful Loki actor DeObia Oparei said as far as he’s concerned, the character was telling the truth.

During his interview, Oparei shared a little about his experience taking on the role and being a part of the MCU for the first time.

“It was really exciting for me because I’d watched all the big movies and suddenly here I am inserting myself into the canon,” Oparei said. “It was really exciting to sit back with Richard, and Tom, and Jack, But I think I just seized it. Whenever you play a character you also have to believe it even if some of it is fabrication or as the name suggests ‘boastful.’”

It’s hard to trust the word of Boastful Loki, especially given his deception and betrayal a short time later in the episode, but that is by no means an out of character trait for a Loki.

For fans it’s likely we’ll never know if Boastful Loki was able to achieve those feats. It also isn’t clear if we’ll see this particular Loki variant again in the series finale later this week.

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