Bob’s Burgers Review: “Fort Night” (Season 4, Episode 2)

bob's burgers fort night

Leave it to Bob’s Burgers to conjure a Halloween-themed episode that is actually pretty horrifying. Only a program so consistently, lightheartedly twisted would center a plot around six children trapped in a box, unknown to all of their parents, at the will of a disturbed, friendless schoolmate, “frickin’ nutcase” Millie (voiced by Molly Shannon), who’s seemingly had the last straw destroyed by the equally maniacal Louise. The episode offers a dark look at how these kids wrestle with what might possibly their last moments of life, and more importantly, the fact that they won’t get to go trick-or-treating.

The high stakes of this main event are complimented nicely by Bob and Linda’s subplot, which is comparably pretty relaxed, with the exception of the ticking clock and Linda’s chanting. Their story offers a few solid laughs (“I know, because I remember thinking, ‘you can’t tail me what to do.'”), up until they decide to just go trick-or-treating on their own. The scene with Bob and Linda in their poorly-made dragon costume, eventually arguing with a man who contests their trick-or-treater status, serves to remind that Bob and Linda are sometimes just as ridiculous and goofy as their children.

The kids’ fort prison obviously incites a humorous look into the Belcher sibling dynamic, when just like last week, their survival campaign is led by the youngest and most devious member, Louise, who is also the one that got them stuck in the first place. However, I’m mostly delighted at how much screen-time this episode offered to Andy and Ollie, the hyperactive, easily-manipulated twins voiced by Laura and Sarah Silverman. Despite their fear, they never lose their adorable, crazy innocence, even in presumed death by spider.

This is also the third episode featuring claustrophobic, dorky Darryl, voiced by Aziz Ansari, who beautifully foils the rest of the characters. Darryl is a stereotypical nerd in every sense of the word, while the other kids on Bob’s Burgers are anything but normal. His geek features really make the other characters standout as downright strange. And lastly, the letter he writes to Millie, about how he will have to poo soon, is brilliant.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Every Gene line this week was spot-on, particularly everything he says to Millie while they’re trapped in the fort. “Millie, this is Gene! Hey, can you go for help?” and “This is Gene again, we think you’re terrific! Did you do something with your hair? You look great! You seem real strong! You been workin’ out?”
  • Andy and Ollie when Millie is looking for Louise early in the episode, “She’s right here!” “I’m looking at her!”
  • Will we see the return of Millie in future episodes, or has she been sufficiently scared away from the Belchers and co. by their haunting presences?
  • The real culprit of this entire night is Teddy, whose “Halloween screams” CD drowned out the shouts of the children.
  • As usual, Bob’s Burgers wouldn’t be complete without a song thrown in at the end over the credits. This week, a gleefully spooky ode to blogger “Candy Randy.”

So what did you think of this Bob’s Burgers Halloween special? Let us know what you think in the comments.