Bob’s Burgers Review: “Seaplane!” (Season 4, Episode 3)

bobs burgers seaplane

After a brief hiatus, Bob’s Burgers returned this week with “Seaplane!,” a solid episode after the first two above-average episodes of the show’s fourth season. It presents a unique premise, tests its characters, and showcases the voice talents of Will Forte, as supporting character “Upskirt Kurt.” Lastly, it does what the show does best: expose its awkward children to situations that are much too adult for their twisted little minds.

Linda begins to tire of her usual date plans with Bob, so she signs up for “seaplane” flying lessons. Bob is quick to refuse, and then he’s quick to regret, when he realizes that the flying instructor (Upskirt Kurt) is notorious for faking crash landings, in an elaborate attempt to bed bored housewives.

Because we’re talking about Bob’s Burgers, the couple’s children – Tina, Gene, and Louis – are witness not only to the explanation of what is likely happening to their mother, but also, accompany Bob on his trek to the remote island on which Linda and Kurt are possibly giving in to the powerful aphrodisiac that is a crash landing.

While “Seaplane!” is realistically only a decent episode, it does continue some of the best of the Bob’s Burgers trends. Bob and Linda’s marriage continues to be that of equals, with both of them remaining faithful, and ultimately, with both of them saving the day. Their relationship is something we never question; we know that Linda is going to turn down Kurt from the beginning. Additionally, the kids’ usual one-liner jokes remain the highlights of the show.

The title of funniest Belcher-sibling goes to Louis this week, whose response to their mother’s potential infidelity and sexuality in general is most adorably innocent, yet all-knowing. (“I hope he’s a good listener, because that bird likes to chirp!”) Gene and Tina’s lines are consistently funny in “Seaplane!,” though I have to think there was more potential for Tina’s character in the episode.

Obviously, the pubescent teen had to have some sort of mildly-disturbing response to the entire scenario, particularly the specific island itself, which is known locally as a locale for kissing couples. Tina’s fantasy sequence of flying over the island, kissing boys who are sun-bathing in the shape of a giant heart is fitting within her character, but it hardly touches the absurdity of her season one obsession with making out with zombies.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Linda’s right; it is always soup, salad, breadsticks, and fish.
  • Tina notes that the tiny people on the “seaplane” catalogue look like ants – oh wait, there are just actual ants in the restaurant.
  • Creepy, old Gus from the dock, who’s not allowed on the seaplane, might be the funniest supporting character in the episode, though Mr. Fischoeder is a strong contendor, as usual.
  • “I’ve never died before, and I’m not about to start now.” – Kurt when crash-landing the plane.
  • There sure are a lot of bored housewives in this town, as indicated by the many, many empty wine bottles on the island that Linda uses to spell “help.”

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