Boris Johnson resorts to quoting Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ amid staff resignations

The Lion King

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire after comparing the recent resignations of several Downing Street officials to a quote from The Lion King.

In a morning staff meeting this past Friday, Johnson reportedly addressed the recent resignations by deliberately quoting one of the movie’s wisest characters, Rafiki, and referring to the entire ordeal as “change.” He said:

As Rafiki in the Lion King says, change is good, and change is necessary even though it’s tough. We’ve got to get on with our job of serving the people of this country.

Among those prominent aides that have quit, former policy adviser Elena Narozansk remains the most recent figure to step down following several others who turned in their resignations this past Thursday. Since Johnson’s questionable mention of the beloved Disney film, the PM has been trending on Twitter, where many have offered their opinion on the subject matter.

Additionally, PM Johnson described the meeting as a “half-time pep talk” and encouraged his staff to rally during this challenging time.

This is like a half-time pep talk. This is the moment when you spit out the chewed up slice of orange. You put the gum-shield back in and then you get back on the pitch. That’s what we’re doing.

These unexpected resignations present a serious concern for the Prime Minister, who recently received criticism for attending a party during a strict U.K. lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between several parties and the sudden slew of departures, it remains to be seen if Johnson himself is stuck in the “Circle of Life.”