Who’s The Boss? New Featurette For DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Released


The CW has released a brand new featurette for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and this one revolves around who exactly is in charge of the team. While it’s time traveller Rip Hunter who may be shepherding this ragtag group of heroes and villains through time in a bid to stop Damien Darhk, the fact he lied to them all about just how legendary they’ll one day end up being has seen his position as an authority figure questioned somewhat.

Perhaps that explains why Captain Cold and The Atom are squabbling about who should be in charge in the video above, which also includes interviews with actors Wentworth Miller and Brandon Routh.

Last Thursday, Legends of Tomorrow took The CW to record ratings, so all eyes are on the second half of the pilot tomorrow night to see how well it performs. The show got off to a very strong start, and seeing this unique group of heroes (and villains) unite to take on Vandal Savage over the next few months has a lot of promise, especially if last year’s crossover between Arrow and The Flash was any indication.

Tell us, how do you think Legends of Tomorrow is shaping up so far? Comment below with your thoughts.

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