The Boys’ Aya Cash Doesn’t Know If Stormfront Will Ever Return

Aya Cash as Stormfront in The Boys

One of the best new additions to The Boys during its second season was Stormfront, whose presence stimulated further exploration into the shady origins of superpowers. Following the character’s exit, however, it’s unclear if she’ll ever return, to the extent that even actress Aya Cash is unsure.

Although introduced as a jovial social media maven and going some way to addressing the gender imbalance of the Seven, Stormfront is quickly revealed to be arguably an even greater villain than Homelander when her past as a literal Nazi is uncovered. In the season 2 finale, she’s heavily disfigured and mutilated by Ryan’s heat vision after she attacks his mother Becca, before being subsequently written out of the series by being held in some government black site.

Of the prospect of remaining a part of the show, Cash had this to say:

“I want to know if she’ll be back too. I’m not there now. I’m on a new Fox show now called This Country. My contract for The Boys was only for a year so, who knows? Maybe they can CGI my face in.”

There’s no way Stormfront can ever return as a superhero after her exposure as a card-carrying member of one of the most evil regimes in human history, and were she to ever surface it would likely result in characters from both sides swiftly hunting her down.

Like Preacher, another brutally violent comic series written by Garth Ennis and whose adaptation was partially developed by Seth Rogen, The Boys is loosely following the events of its source material but largely doing its own thing. Indeed, the scene in the season 2 finale where Kimiko, Starlight and Maeve unleash their fury on Stormfront reflected a similar moment from the printed page, although that version of the character didn’t escape being beaten to death.

The most likely situation is that there have been no decisions made one way or the other regarding whether or not Stormfront will ever be reintroduced into The Boys. She’ll be held in reserve if the writers ever figure out a way to bring her back, but if not, her absence won’t affect the primary plotline.