The Boys Season 2 Features A Parody Of A Popular Marvel Hero

The Boys

Like its source material, The Boys is known for a lot of things, such as brutal violence, profane dialogue, jet-black humor and nothing being off limits. Also like the comics, it features numerous recognizable parodies of Marvel and DC heroes, and the premiere of season 2 included another such character created specifically for the series.

With the death of Translucent, superhero team The Seven look to fill the gap in their roster, and to replace him a suggestion of Blindspot is put forward. As a blind martial artist with enhanced hearing and heightened agility, he’s clearly intended as a riff on Daredevil, now known to most non-comic book fans from the Netflix series, if they weren’t already introduced to him by the underrated 2003 movie.

Unfortunately, Homelander takes exception to the choice, and demonstrates a potential weakness by smashing Blindspot’s ears to deafen him, rendering him utterly ineffectual. To be fair, most people, superpowered or not, would be incapacitated by having their eardrums ruptured, and no fighter would expect to be intentionally crippled by their own teammate. So, in an actual combat situation, his guard would be up, making that outcome far less likely.

Homelander wasn’t making a point about Blindspot specifically, of course, since as one of the world’s most powerful supes, he could take out almost anyone with little effort. Rather, he was voicing his petulant dissatisfaction of a recruitment choice being made without him, and would have done something similar no matter who was put forward, exercising fear and control since this is the only way he can communicate with people when the mask of heroism is removed.

Like Preacher, another adaptation of Garth Ennis’ work, The Boys is loosely following the plot of the comics but largely doing its own thing, so there’s plenty of opportunity for further well-known superheroes to be drafted in and receive a kicking, both figurative and literal.

Tell us, though, who would you like to see brought to life in as disrespectful a way as possible? Sound off down below.