The Boys Showrunner Shares First Look At Season 2

The Boys

In case you haven’t heard – although, how could you not have? – Amazon Prime has a major hit on its hands with their new series The Boys. It only premiered two weeks ago, but it’s gone on to become the streaming service’s most-watched show and both fans and critics can’t get enough of it.

Thankfully, then, we already know that we’ll be getting a second season and though details surrounding it are still pretty hazy, we can now bring you the very first look at the next run of the hit series thanks to showrunner Eric Kripke. Seen in the gallery down below, Kripke shared a photo with his fans this week, thanking them for their support and giving us a look at some of the gang in the process.

“A small token for #TheBoysTV fans. World’s first pic of #Season2. As you can see, we’re up to our old tricks. If you haven’t seen, JOIN US. Streaming now on @PrimeVideo @TheBoysTV #TheBoys #SPN #SPNFamily #Timeless”

As you can see, we’ve got Kripke in the middle and he’s surrounded by Kimiko, Frenchie, Hughie and Mother’s Milk, all giving the finger to the camera. Of course, they’re all covered in blood as well, but without knowing the context of the scene that they’re shooting, it’s unclear whose blood it may be and what may’ve happened.

In any case, like Kripke says, they’re up to their old tricks again, meaning the team’s likely working on bringing us another violent, gritty and gory package of television. One that will no doubt rival what we’ve already seen.

Then again, it’s very common for TV shows to hit a sophomore slump, but with the high quality content Amazon Prime’s been pumping out lately coupled with the truly excellent first season of The Boys, we’re confident that what we see next will be another can’t-miss outing.