The Boys Teases A Possible Video Game

The Boys

Fans of Amazon’s comic book superhero series The Boys may get the opportunity to play as their favorite supes, as the team behind the show tease a potential video game.

In a post to The Boys Twitter account, fans were asked what they thought a game set in the universe of the show would look like.

With a world full of chaos and corruption, fans had some pretty creative ideas for where the game could go, but mostly the answer was… violence. Some of the more serious suggestions mentioned studios like Naughtydog who have produced story-driven hits like The Last of Us and Uncharted. Another studio mentioned was Radical Entertainment, which released the Prototype series boasting its over-the-top chaotic violence, making them a perfect choice for The Boys.

Even the production studio Sony Pictures Television which houses The Boys joined in on the fun with their suggestion of what a game could look like.

Right now, there haven’t been any hints that a game is in development, but with the fan support that this tease received maybe, it could kickstart this process.

For fans of The Boys, there may be a wait for new content as season three of the show likely won’t air until 2022, however, production is well underway and is reportedly set to be completed in late August.

In the meantime, fans can go back and relive the first two seasons of The Boys or dive into the comics that the show is based on to cure that post-season depression.