Brad Pitt Rumored For True Detective Season 2, Again


While we don’t know very much about the second season of HBO’s True Detective, what has been confirmed is that stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will not be returning. Obviously, the producers are looking for some A-list talent to replace them and today, Brad Pitt’s name has popped up.

If you recall, the actor first came up in relation to the show a couple of months ago. This time, word comes from the Mirror, who tell us that Pitt is “close to signing a deal.” Of course, the British outlet is far from an official source, and this could be completely false. That being said, this is the second time that we’re hearing this rumor now, which does lead me to believe that there may be some truth behind it.

Then again, would a star as big as Brad Pitt make the move to TV? Sure, it’s True Detective, one of the most well-received television shows in recent memory. But still, Brad Pitt on the small screen? Can you really see that happening?

Personally, I wouldn’t totally be opposed to this, but as I mentioned back when the rumor first cropped up, I think that Pitt is too big a name and would take away from the show a bit. He has played a detective in the past, and with great results, but I just don’t think that a series like this would suit him well at this stage in his career.

Tell us, do you want to see Brad Pitt star in season two of True Detective? Sound off below!

Source: Mirror