First Breaking Bad Season 5 Promo Released

Unless you’ve been trying really hard to stay out of touch with the world, then you’re probably aware that Breaking Bad is one of, if not the best, shows to ever air on TV. The show, which follows chemistry teacher turned meth cooker/dealer Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) exploits, has yet to make a single misstep, and season 4 left viewers with an insane finale that answered as many questions as it created.

The wait for the new season has already felt like a year long Christmas Eve, but we’re finally seeing some mercy as AMC has released the first promo for season 5. Featuring a terse conversation between Walter and his lawyer Saul Goodman, the changes to Walter’s personality since the explosive season finale are clear.

We’re not just seeing an exceptionally good cook, we’re getting our first look at the newest kingpin of the meth trade. The short clip is anchored by Cranston’s fiery performance, reminding us why he’s won three Emmy’s in a row for this role.

Check below for the short but exciting promo, and be ready to soak in the first part of the final season of this fantastic show when season 5 begins on Sunday, July 15 at 10/9c.

The second part of the season will begin airing in 2013.