Breaking Bad Series Finale Will Not Be Open Ended


Though it saddens us deeply, AMC’s Breaking Bad will be coming to an end this August when it airs its final eight episodes. As far as specifics go, we don’t know too much about what we’ll be seeing but one thing that creator Vince Gilligan has stated time and time again is that the finale will tie up every loose end and nothing will be left up in the air.

In a recent interview, Gilligan once again told us not to worry about the story reaching a resolution. Check out what he had to say below:

“Anyone anxious that there won’t be resolution enough at the end of these eight episodes can rest assured that the story very much reaches resolution. It will not end in any kind of open-ended sense. I was very nervous for the last year that we didn’t have an interesting enough way to wrap up ‘Breaking Bad.’ I have to say that we were in the woods for a long time with these final eight episodes. Creatively, I felt like I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and I was sort of trying to hack my way through the jungle of this story. I’m very proud of these final eight. They go like gangbusters. There is no downtime in them. We are racing to the finish. I think they end the show in as satisfying a manner as we could possibly come up with.”

The amount of pressure that’s currently resting upon Gilligan’s shoulders is tremendous. Fantastic shows with crummy finales have become a bit of a trend lately (Lost, The Sopranos), so there’s definitely a lot of pressure for Breaking Bad to deliver. Will it be able to give us a satisfying conclusion though?

Well, as much faith as I have in Gilligan and the writers, ending a show as successful as this is no doubt going to be a tough task and no matter how they choose to go out, not everyone will be satisfied. For me, as long as Gilligan is correct in saying that we’ll reach a resolution then I see no reason not to be satisfied with the finale.

This isn’t a show like Lost where it’s near impossible to reach an ending that resolves everything. Nor is it a show like The Sopranos, where things are going to be left open-ended. Gilligan obviously has a clear vision in mind for what he wants and right now, I feel pretty optimistic that we won’t be let down.

Breaking Bad will return to AMC on August 11th, 2013. Will you be tuning in?