Breaking Bad Set For August Premiere, New Talk Show Announced

By breaking this fifth and final season into two, Vince Gilligan and AMC have already made some of the Breaking Bad faithful, myself included, go into veritable withdrawal in the interim between. Now, with the date for the premiere of the last set of episodes finally announced, it’ll be longer than anyone initially suspected before we’re once again given our Breaking Bad fix.

As /Film reports, in its upfront presentation, AMC revealed both the day and time when Walter White is to return to finish his fall into the dark, murky depths that he and all the other beasts have come to call home. Sunday, August 11 at 9pm is when the first of those concluding eight episodes will air, so mark your calendars. I certainly have already marked mine.

That wasn’t the only thing AMC announced, however; alongside those eight episodes will be a weekly discussion show in the same vein as The Talking Dead. It will be called Talking Bad and will air at 11pm each Sunday, following Breaking Bad and the network’s new crime drama, Low Winter Sun. What took AMC so long, I wonder, to figure out that Breaking Bad lent itself perfectly to this type of show?

Fans have painstakingly analyzed and over-analyzed the series from day one, seeing deeper meanings in things such as the color of Holly’s wardrobe, so it shouldn’t have taken them four and a half seasons to realize a show like this would be giving the fans exactly what they want.

Maybe they were mulling over the idea all along, though, and deciding to bring it to life now for the sake of drumming up even more anticipation. Whatever the reason is, I look forward to getting a more in-depth understanding of the vision behind Breaking Bad.

That and I look forward to seeing its cast talk about the show, as I’d love the opportunity to talk (or bowl) with every last one of them. Mostly, though, I’ll just take all that I can get, Breaking Bad wise, and Talking Bad is a start. Now they just need to get that Saul Goodman spin-off off the ground.

Source: Slash Film