Titans Star Brenton Thwaites Shares New Image Of His Robin Costume


Somehow it’s been twenty years since Dick Grayson AKA Robin’s appeared in live-action – with Chris O’Donnell being the last actor to play the part in 1998’s infamous Batman & Robin. But now the Boy Wonder is back, thanks to DC’s upcoming Titans TV series, and as you no doubt know, Brenton Thwaites is playing Batman’s former sidekick in the show, which will feature Grayson leading a team of heroes including Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and others.

A while back, we got our first look at the actor in his costume as the teen hero and today, ComicBook.com has unearthed a second image that you might have missed. Seen in the gallery below along with the first one, the selfie shows Thwaites behind the scenes on Titans, wearing a coat and sunglasses over his superhero outfit.

Though this doesn’t showcase the suit as well as the initial one did, it does give us a welcome second look at his version of Robin. Despite Titans starring Grayson, Robin’s costume is much closer to that worn by Tim Drake in the comics. It’s also got a dash of the more muted tone from the Arkham video games in there, too. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome costume and has been received very well by fans so far.

What’s also interesting to note is that Thwaites captioned the photo with the message: “Here we go!!! First fight scene with my R Kicking ass in a downtown Gotham alleyway.” This is intriguing, as it confirms that Titans will feature some scenes set in Grayson’s hometown of Gotham City, which follows on from the report that Batman himself may appear, at least in flashback scenes to Dick’s youth.

Alongside Thwaites, Titans also stars Anna Diop (Starfire), Teagan Croft (Raven), Ryan Potter (Beast Boy), Alan Ritchson (Hawk) and Minka Kelly (Dove). So far, only Hawk and Dove’s costumes have been revealed – along with Grayson’s – but we expect the rest to arrive soon as production continues ahead of the series’ debut at some point in 2018.