Brie Larson Will Cameo As Captain Marvel In Ms. Marvel TV Series


Three new heroes are coming to the MCU very soon via Disney Plus. This past weekend at D23, Marvel unveiled that Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel series are on their way in Phase Four. All three are characters fans have been waiting to see in the franchise for a while but Ms. Marvel is probably the most timely, considering her connection to Captain Marvel, who just joined the MCU earlier this year.

In fact, We Got This Covered is hearing that Brie Larson will drop by as Carol Danvers in the Ms. Marvel TV show. This information comes to us via the same source who told us the Disney Plus series was in the works a week before it was officially announced and as such, we have no reason to doubt it. Apparently, Larson will likely only show up for a small cameo, and not a prominent supporting role or anything, but this should please her fans nonetheless.

Captain Marvel appearing will make a lot of sense for those familiar with Kamala Khan, too, who idolizes Carol in the comics. Her superhero name is even borrowed from Danvers, who used to go by the mantle before she promoted herself to captain. With the heroine having just made her impact on the MCU, the Disney Plus show should be able to easily replicate Kamala’s adoration of Carol on screen.

As far as we know, Ms. Marvel could actually be the next time we see Larson in the MCU, depending on when it lands. Captain Marvel 2 is definitely coming, but it’s not due until 2022 at the earliest. We know Black Panther 2 is out in May of that year, so CM2 could potentially be one of the other two Marvel films of 2022. Ms. Marvel will likely drop the same year and maybe it’ll even have a similar relationship to CM2 as WandaVision has to Doctor Strange 2. Time will tell, but we’ll certainly keep you posted once we learn more.