‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star already game for revival

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Beloved police comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended its eight-season run last year after delays brought on by both COVID-19 and adapting to new sensitivities around police brutality following widespread protests in the summer of 2020. But now that it’s apparently wrapped, at least one star from the show – Stephanie Beatriz, who played the tough-as-nails Rosa Diaz — indicates she’d welcome a season 9 if it were in the cards.

Speaking to Screen Rant on Beatriz’s work in the upcoming Catwoman: Hunted animated film, she reflected on her time with the show. She indicated she was ready for a reunion and described her castmates as friends for life, while noting it still does not feel like the show has really ended.

“I love that cast and crew so much, we had such an amazing time shooting the series finale,” she said. “It’s crazy because it’s wrapped and it’s aired in the U.S. but it hasn’t aired in the U.K. yet. So, I’ve had fans say ‘we’re so excited for the eighth season.’ I sort of forget … I don’t think it’ll ever feel like it’s over for me because the experience was, from start to finish, absolutely incredible. I would 100 percent love to visit those characters in that world again. Do I know if that’s gonna happen? No. But I love those people so much. You just never know right? You just never know.”

Beatriz — who accepted the GLAAD Media Award awarded to the show in 2018 for her portrayal of a bisexual police officer — is apparently not the only cast member open to the idea. Costar Terry Crews, who played Terry Jeffords, expressed confidence about a reunion in a interview with Entertainment Tonight in December.

The show has already made one comeback in its history — NBC picked up the show after Fox canceled it in 2018.

For fans who want to revisit the eight existing seasons, it’s available on both Peacock and Hulu.