Bruce Wayne Meets A Future Ally In New Clip From Next Week’s Gotham


While Gotham is a series which has some issues, no doubt one of the most satisfying aspects of the show is seeing characters who will one day share a great deal of history meeting for the first time. For example, in the first season, Bruce Wayne and The Penguin very narrowly missed crossing paths, but the villain still stopped, as a shiver ran down his spine from coming so close to the boy who will one day plague him as The Batman.

In a new clip from next week’s episode, we get to see the young Bruce meet Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) for the first time. In the comics, she becomes one of Batman’s closest allies and is one of the few people that knows who is beneath the cape and cowl. As a result, this is definitely a pretty cool moment.

Here’s the official synopsis for Gotham‘s third episode, shedding more light on what exactly we should expect:

Gordon and Bullock track down a nemesis from the past, leading to a standoff between Jerome and Gordon. Meanwhile, a magic show at the Gotham Children’s Hospital gala turns into a hostage situation in the all-new Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh episode of Gotham airing Monday, October 5th on Fox.

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