BTS Arrow Image Shows Off Dig’s New Duds


Much like anything offered on the silver screen, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing superheroes upgrade their costumes throughout the runs of various TV series. Not only does it keep the viewers entertained in a visual sense, but it makes sense that these brave men and women update their gear as they further adapt to their dangerous lifestyles.

Of course, it’s only natural that Arrow be the trendsetter over on The CW, what with it being the series that kicked off the aptly named Arrowverse. To date, Oliver Queen himself has donned various costumes throughout the show’s illustrious history – even if there were only minor variations in the earlier years.

In the time since, various other members of Team Arrow have upped the ante when it comes to badass-looking costumes, most notably Arsenal and the current Black Canary. John Diggle, of course, has gone through quite the evolution of his own, too, starting out as Oliver’s bodyguard and later blossoming into Spartan, a superhero in his own right.

If you’ll recall, Dig’s first attempt at a costume didn’t go over as well, with his helmet introduced in season 4 drawing the obvious comparisons to that of Magneto’s. Fortunately, he eventually traded that in for something more fitting of the name “Spartan.” To say the guy’s had a rough year is putting it mildly, but he did at least fill in as the Green Arrow for several weeks. But now that he’s back in the Spartan guise, he decided to look good while kicking the crap out of criminals.

Now, we did suspect that he received a new costume a few weeks back, but one can never be too sure with lighting and whatnot. Luckily, actor David Ramsey has given us a great look at his new threads via his Instagram page. Captioned with “New year. New suit. Goes good with Green,” he can be seen standing next to co-star Stephen Amell between takes. And yes, we think you’re looking awesome, David.

Arrow airs on Thursday nights on The CW, and you can check out that aforementioned photo of Diggle in the gallery below, along with a few photos from the next episode.