The Boys Season 2 BTS Photos Reveal New Members Of The Seven

The Boys

The Boys, Amazon’s electrically hysterical and satirical series about the commercialization of superheroes, is nothing short of a smash hit. Word of mouth has obviously been a huge factor in its success, with recent data telling us that the show is more popular than every single Marvel series that’s on Netflix.

Thankfully, filming on season 2 is already underway, and we’re getting the occasional update here and there from the set. And the latest photos, taken behind the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, give fans their first look at The Seven’s brand new member – a woman donning a red and black costume – as well as the memory of a fallen hero – the late Soldier Boy.

You can check out the photos for yourself down below:

Now, if you remember, The Seven had taken quite a hit by the end of season 1. Translucent was blown to smithereens; The Deep was exiled following Starlight’s sexual harassment allegations, and A-Train may be gone too, though his fate was left, more or less, up to interpretation.

The addition of this unknown heroine may be a form of damage control for Vought, who also lost their lead HR supervisor, Madelyn Stillwell, at the hands (or eyes, rather) of Homelander. And the odd memorial for Soldier Boy, which wasn’t featured at all last season, must also be significant to the new story somehow.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see what the showrunners decide to do with these two beings. But, from what the production team has said, season 2 is looking to be quite a wild ride.

The Boys is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.