Caity Lotz Talks Filming Nerve-Wracking Arrowverse Sex Scenes


The Arrowverse shows are mostly about superhero action, but occasionally they feature a different type of action as well. Though things don’t get too steamy, as the four DC TV series are mostly family-friendly, there are love scenes every now and again. In particular, one character who’s had a number of scenes between the sheets is Sara Lance, as she’s been with several romantic partners since Caity Lotz debuted in the role back in Arrow season 2, before moving over to head up Legends of Tomorrow

While talking at a panel at the POPSUGAR Play/Ground Festival, alongside The Flash‘s Candice Patton and Riverdale‘s Ashleigh Murray and Vanessa Morgan, Lotz spoke about how “nerve-wracking” filming sex scenes can be. In particular, she talked about the experience of shooting such a sequence with Supergirl‘s Chyler Leigh in an episode of last year’s four-way crossover “Crisis on Earth-X.”

“They always shut down sets anytime there’s like a sex scene, or like when Chyler Leigh and I had our one-night stand on the crossover, and we were naked in bed. They cleared out the entire set, and everyone makes a huge deal out if it. They’re like ‘Are you comfortable? We’ll clear everybody out. If there’s ever anything that feels uncomfortable, just yell stop, and we’ll stop.’ And I’m like ‘Can you just calm down? Everyone just take a break. Just be normal.’ That’s always nerve-wracking.”

This scene was part of a subplot which ran through the crossover about Sara and Alex Danvers having a one-night stand, and the fallout of that event. This was just a bit of fun for Sara, but it caused Alex a lot of emotional anguish as she felt guilty about betraying her recent ex-girlfriend Maggie Sawyer, who she was still in love with. She eventually forgave herself, though, and Sara and Alex parted ways as friends.

Sara’s since gone on to have a relationship with Time Bureau agent Ava Sharpe, which will likely continue in Legends of Tomorrow season 4 as Jes Macallan has had her role bumped up to a regular position. As such, Lotz might find herself with more nerve-wracking Arrowverse sex scenes to film in the future.