Californication Season 4-07 ‘The Rescued’ Recap

As the episode begins, Hank wakes up next to Abby and while he’s hoping for some morning sex, she tells him they have a serious conflict. She tells him he has a choice and asks ‘what do you want me to do? Fuck you or defend you?’ Hank makes the obvious choice and she tells him that she’ll introduce him to a new attorney.

Cut to opening credits.

Next morning Hank goes to visit Karen but is surprised to find Ben there. They argue for a bit and Hank acts obnoxious and immature, like usual. Ben invites Hank to Becca’s gig and he leaves. He goes with Abby to his new lawyer’s office. They chat for a bit and Hank’s new layer, Lloyd, invites Hank and Abby to a game of golf.

Elsewhere, Runkle goes with Stu and Marcy to Showtime (haha, very funny). They’re there to pitch a show to the studio. A show that is Stu’s idea. Stu tells the studio that he has their next Weeds, the name of the show is Hot Lips. He describes it as ‘the sexploits of the aesthetician of the stars.’ He asks ‘what is it like to stare into the business end of Sandy Bullock’s vagina?’ ‘What’s it like to take off the hair of Robin Williams’ mammoth ball sack?’ The studio isn’t completely sold but Stu is trying his best. In the middle of his pitch, he excuses himself as he’s having a little ‘tummy trouble.’

Marcy then tries to continue the pitch but it’s awful. She’s clearly not meant for this and it’s painful to watch. Eventually Runkle steps in, doing what he does best. He tells them a story about Marcy and her job as an aesthetician. He takes over the meeting and completely sells the studio. They buy it in the room.

Meanwhile, Hank and Abby are at the golf course, buying Hank some new threads, since he’s not dressed appropriately. On the course Hank is getting a bit annoyed with Lloyd. Purposely, he starts acting like a complete tool. A fight breaks out between the two and Abby has to break it up. Seeing as their relationship isn’t working, Lloyd hands Hank back over to Abby and she agrees to be his lawyer again. But, she tells Hank that they can’t have a physical relationship. All hope is not lost though as she says ‘there will be a day when this whole horrid legal strife is behind us. And it’ll be interesting to see what you want then.’

After she leaves, Hank goes to Becca’s gig. He has a short talk with Ben about Karen, a surprisingly civil and friendly talk. Then Karen arrives and the three of them watch the gig, together. While sitting at the table, Karen is in the middle of Hank and Ben. Hank grabs one of her hands under the table while Ben grabs the other. Karen sits there, holding the hands of both men, and the episode ends.

Interesting episode tonight. Stu and Marcy’s show is a neat idea and I think it could provide for an interesting plotline, especially if Runkle gets involved, which I can see happening. I also like the increasing conflict within the Hank/Karen/Ben love triangle. Hank just can’t let her go, which is a problem seeing as Ben wants her. Who will she choose in the end?

Lost’s Alan Dale made a nice guest appearance as Hank’s new lawyer and provided some great scenes on the golf course. And, now that Hank is back with Abby as her client, they can’t see each other anymore. It’ll be interesting to see who Hank takes on as his next girl. Who will fill that void in his life? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see.