Californication Season 4-08 ‘Lights. Camera. Asshole’ Recap

As we begin episode eight, Hank walks in on Runkle doing his good news dance. Apparently Sasha is back on board for the movie. But even better, the studio is willing to give Hank $100,000 for one week’s work. Sasha wants him to re-write some of her lines on her current film, some zombie action film that sounds dreadful. Hank is thrilled and joins Runkle in the good news dance.

Cut to opening credits.

After the credits, Hank is on the set of Sasha’s latest film. After the director yells cut on the current scene, Sasha drags Hank into her trailer, eager to have sex. In the middle he gets a call, Becca is up to no good. Before he can go anywhere though, he has to take care of Sasha. He takes one of the props from Sasha’s costume, a pair of handcuffs, and chains Sasha to the door in her trailer.

Leaving her tied up, Hank leaves to go attend to Becca. He finds her smoking weed and drinking alcohol at a party that her band attended. She tells him she’s fucked up but she likes it. She says she doesn’t like how things are changing. She points out that Hank is never around but she doesn’t even miss him. They have one of their father-daughter talks but Becca is clearly fucked up and not heading down the right path. Can you really blame her though? Look at her parents.

Later that night, Hank is drinking at a bar when a woman named Julia starts to hit on him. They begin to talk and shortly after, they end up in bed. Elsewhere, Peggy, Runkle’s real estate agent stops by. She tells him the house has fallen out of escrow. They begin to talk and end up in bed. Seems like Hank and Runkle both had a good night, despite Runkle’s girl being a bit of a nut job.

In the morning, Hank wakes up and starts talking with Julia. Apparently, she comes to town every few months to check in on her daughter. Before Hank can ask her what her daughter does, she gets up to go to the washroom. Just then, there’s a knock on the door, it’s Sasha. She has come to discuss the script. She tells Hank she doesn’t have much time though as her mother is in town and she only visits once every few months so they’re meeting for lunch.

Hank starts to connect the dots. Before he can do anything though, Sasha’s mom walks out of the washroom and spots her daughter. Sasha looks at Hank, kicks him in the one place a guy definitely doesn’t want to be kicked in and storms out. Then Hank accidentally lets it slip that he has slept with Sasha. Julia isn’t pleased, to say the least.

Back on set, Sasha has locked herself in her trailer. Hank comes to visit and talk some sense into her. She opens up for him and he tells her that he understands how she feels and assures her that it will pass. She tells him the worst part is that she was starting to like him. He talks some more sense into her and they seem to make up. She gives him a kiss and tricks him into thinking they’re going to have sex. As she’s on top of him, she pulls off his pants and handcuffs him to the door, just like he did to her earlier in the episode. She gets off of him and walks out of the trailer, leaving him stranded.

Meanwhile, Stu is sitting with Marcy by his pool and he says he guesses she isn’t going to move in with him. She tells him she has to be honest with him. He says he’s all ears and she drops the pregnancy bomb on him. He starts crying, he thinks it’s his. She tries to tell him it’s Runkles but doesn’t exactly get the chance to.

Back at the hotel, Sasha’s mother is waiting for Hank at the bar. He sits down with her and then Sasha shows up. They all apologize to each other and share a moment. Sasha then heads up to her mom’s room and she leaves Hank and her mom talking at the bar. They chat for a bit and before leaving, she gives him a kiss and tells him to keep his paws off her daughter. After she leaves, Hank gets up, takes a seat in the lounge and listens to Tommy Lee singing Home Sweet Home, as the camera fades out.

A couple interesting things happened this episode. For one, Hank once again hits rock bottom. Just when you think he can’t fuck up anymore, he finds a way to. I think Sasha’s mom put it best when she said to him “you’re reaching the point of no return.” It seems as if she knows what he’s going through and for a brief moment, it looks like Hank realizes that she may be right, and he just may be at that point of no return.

Marcy deciding not to have an abortion is also interesting. For one, I think she’d make a terrible parent, but does this mean that she wants to keep some kind of relationship with Runkle? It’s his kid so he would be in her life a lot more seeing as he would have to see his child. And what about Stu? How will he react when he finds out it isn’t his?

Lastly, I kind of liked the character of Sasha’s mom, she seemed to connect well with Hank and hopefully we’ll see more of her. It will be interesting to see though if Hank ends up in bed with Sasha or her mom again. Knowing Hank, I’m sure he’ll sleep with one of them again before the season is done.

What did you think of the episode?