Californication Season 4-09 ‘Another Perfect Day’ Recap

With only one week left before Hank’s trial, things are heating up. Could this be Hank’s last week as a free man? If so, how will he spend it? Find out below.

We open on Abby and Hank having a drink, discussing his trial. He tells her that he’s nervous and thanks her for sticking it out with him. He then invites her up to his room, which she denies. She leaves and tells him that she’ll see him bright and early Monday morning. As Hank goes upstairs to his room in the hotel, he finds his door locked. Apparently he has been kicked out. The credit card company isn’t accepting his charges. The hotel manager tells him he owes $25,000, to which he replies ‘well fuck my face.’

Cut to opening credits.

The next morning Becca walks outside the house to find Hank sleeping in his car. He tells her he had nowhere to sleep and she asks ‘you couldn’t find a floozy to take you in?’ She then tells him to come inside, apparently Karen said it was ok.

Back at Runkle’s, he’s continuing his strange relationship with the real estate agent Peggy, from last episode. The two are role playing in bed, pretending to be brother and sister. I told you the relationship was strange. Marcy then calls Runkle and invites him over to Stu’s for dinner. He reluctantly agrees and asks if he can bring a date. He then resumes business with Peggy.

Back at the Moody house, Hank is having an awkward breakfast with Karen and Becca. Karen tell him she needs some money. Becca then asks for a car. The reason, Ben is buying his daughter one. Hank replies ‘get a load of Black Jesus, does he turn water into whiskey to, heal the sick?’ After breakfast, Hank and Karen take Becca out and teach her to drive, or attempt to at least.

That night Runkle and his date arrive at Stu’s. As Stu takes Peggy on a tour, Marcy and Runkle have a chat. Marcy can’t believe that he’s dating Peggy, she tells him she’s so glad that ‘the slut parade continues.’

Hank, Karen and Becca arrive home and Karen tells him that he can stay the weekend. He’s very pleased, that is until Karen tells him she’s going out for dinner with Ben. She assures him they’re just friends though. Hank is still clearly upset. After Karen leaves with Ben, Hank serves Becca and her friend dinner, they tell him that later tonight they’re going to get fucked up and search the internet for stupid shit. He endorses it 100%. They’re only joking though, they’re actually planning to write a song for their band, or so they say. After Hank falls asleep, Becca steals his car keys, which is foreshadowing the inevitable accident.

Back at Stu’s house, he is getting ready to break the news of Marcy’s pregnancy. Marcy prefaces it by saying ‘life is a fucked up thing, shit happens.’ As Marcy goes to take a sip of her wine, Stu steals it out of her hand and yells ‘Marcy, the baby!!’ Marcy then drops the news, that she is pregnant. Runkle is confused, he asks ‘how is this even possible?’ She tells him it’s Stu’s baby. Runkle congratulates them, telling them ‘mazel-fucking-tov.’ After dinner, Runkle and Peggy leave and Peggy accuses Runkle of still having feelings for Marcy. He explains that they had a long complicated history together. She tells him the he disgusts her. He says that Marcy will always have a place in his heart. Peggy isn’t too happy and she burns him with the cigarette lighter in the car. She then goes down on him. As I said, a strange relationship indeed.

At the Moody house, Hank awakes to a phone call. Becca has been in a car accident. Hank rushes to go find her. Karen and Ben are on the scene as well. They’re not too pleased with Hank, especially after smelling the booze on his breath. Back at home, Becca apologizers to Hank, for totaling his car. She says she’s scared of Hank being found guilty at the trial. She doesn’t want people to see him like that.

Hank then goes to talk with Karen and asks her ‘how the fuck did we get here?’ He tells her he accepts blame for everything. They share a moment and reminisce about old times, when they first started dating. She tells him once he was her future, then he was her misery and now he’s almost her past. She asks if he’s ready for Monday and he tells her he doesn’t want to think about it. That’s all she can think about though. She tells him that the reality of their lives is that Hank is going to stand trial for raping a teenage girl. She asks ‘how did we get here?’, before walking away, leaving Hank alone. And the episode ends.

Everyone seems to be making a big deal about Hank’s trial but he clearly isn’t going to be convicted. It wouldn’t be much of a show if Hank was in jail. Or even if he is convicted he won’t spend long in jail, the show just wouldn’t work. Nevertheless, it will still be interesting to see how the trial goes.

Couple of other things to note this episode. Marcy telling Charlie that the baby is Stu’s was strange, not sure why she is lying about that. Perhaps to keep Stu happy? And speaking of Charlie, his new girl Peggy is really strange. But then again, he always seems to end up with weird girls so I guess it suits him.

Becca once again acted out and caused some serious damage because of it. You just knew that once she learnt to drive that the next step would be something reckless involving the car. Luckily no one got hurt and it doesn’t seem as if Karen and Hank are too upset with her. After all, it’s there fault that she’s so messed up.

Next episode should be interesting with the trial. I’m eager to see how it all plays out and what ends up happening. Check back next week for our recap to find out.