Californication Season 4-12 ‘And Justice For All’ Recap

And so another season of Californication comes to an end. Hank’s legal troubles will finally be resolved but what will the outcome be? Read on to find out.

We open in court as Hank is about to receive his sentencing. He tells the judge that the only thing he’s truly sorry for is embarrassing Karen and Becca, everything else is just noise, plain and simple. His apology doesn’t manage to impress the judge though and she sentences him to three years in prison. As he hears it he faints and passes out in court. When he comes to, Abby tells him he heard the judge wrong, three years probation, no jail time. Just some additional fines and community service. Thrilled with the result, he ends up in bed with her and we cut to opening credits.

After the credits, Hank goes with Abby to Stu’s house for a dinner party. When he gets there he sees Karen and Ben. Hank and Ben exchange words and Abby excuses herself. Ben follows, leaving Karen and Hank alone. Karen’s upset that Hank has been sleeping with Abby and tells him he’s still acting like a child. Hank tells her that she’s just jealous, which she obviously denies.

Then Runkle arrives, with Peggy. As they walk in Hank spots Sasha, seems like everyone’s there. And then to top things off, Eddy Nero arrives! At dinner Ben announces that him and Karen are taking the girls on a road trip. Eddy stirs the pot a bit and tries to cause some trouble between the couples (Karen/Ben and Hank/Abby). Things start to slide out of hand and pretty soon a couple arguments break out, one particularly interesting one is between Marcy and Peggy. Peggy asks Runkle if he loves Marcy still and he tells the table he does. What follows then is a series of ludicrous events. Marcy gets up and announces she’s carrying Runkle’s baby. Peggy then freaks out and stabs Runkle’s hand. Marcy then lunges at Peggy and the two start fighting. Hank removes the knife from Runkle’s hand, Sasha’s boyfriend pukes, Eddy starts hooking up with Peggy and the party ends.

While drunk, Hank hops into Stu’s pool after everyone leaves and he slips, hitting his head on the concrete and sinking to the bottom. Luckily Ben spots it and jumps in to save him from drowning. Of course, Hank is genuinely appreciative and thanks him.

The next morning Hank rolls out of bed to find Becca at his door. She’s come to say goodbye before she leaves on her trip. Becca assures him they’ll be back but he says he has a feeling that things will never be the same. They share a nice father daughter moment and she tells him that it will all be okay.

As the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want comes on (be more obvious, seriously), Hank hops in the car and heads over to the movie studio. He enters the set and gets ready to start production on the film. As the song plays in the background we see Hank meeting the cast and crew and checking out the sets. It’s a touching moment as we see Hank beginning a new chapter in his life, hopefully a better one. As he walks around set he recalls memories of Becca and Karen, back when things were normal. He also ends up hooking up with the actress who plays Karen, simply because she reminds him of her. Afterall, he’s picturing Karen while doing the deed.

As the season comes to a close, and the Stones finish their song, Hank drives off set and into the horizon, ending another successful season of Californication.

Overall I really enjoyed this season. And not just because of the added eye candy in Sasha and Abby. The whole legal battle was interesting and although I always knew that Hank would come out ok, there were some moments that had me starting to second guess. The introduction of Ben was also interesting because Hank finally realizes that it’s over with Karen. She has a new man now, she’s moved on. Although, that didn’t stop Hank from tearing her away from Bill but I think Ben is here to stay though and Hank has accepted it.

Weak points of the season included Runkle’s storyline as I felt it didn’t really go anywhere and was kind of pointless. Also the back and forth between Hank and Karen got a bit annoying. How one moment they are friends and the next she’s screaming how she hates him. Like make up your mind already, seriously.  Anyways, it was a solid season when all is said and done and I’m looking forward to the return of Mr. Hank Moody. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

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