Californication Season 5-03 ‘Boys & Girls’ Recap

As this week’s episode of Californication opens up, Hank is finishing off the first draft of his screenplay for Samurai as Charlie congratulates him and at the same time begs him to stay. He tells him he’s lonely, he longs for companionship. After a brief discussion about finding Runkle a girl, the two hug it out before Hank leaves and Runkle finds himself with a ‘shame boner.’ Cut to opening credits.

When we open up, Hank stops by Karen’s house to say goodbye to Becca, who doesn’t seem to care too much that he’s going away. He then tries to hit on Karen but of course, she’s not having any of it.

Tyler is at the house too, as Becca’s taking care of him. Hanks sees him and isn’t too pleased. He gives him a hard time, like usual and warns him about breaking Becca’s heart, telling him that if he does, he’ll be in a lot more pain than he is now.

Back at Runkle’s, Charlie puts on some porn and is just getting ready to relax when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Stu, Marcy and the kid, they’re there to drop off the kid while they go out for dinner. Looks like Runkle is on babysitting duty. After Stu and Marcy leave Runkle calls another babysitter, the daughter of the woman he met in last week’s episode. Remember the one who asked him to perform a certain act in front of her?

The two get to talking and after a glass of wine, they warm up to each other. Runkle goes in for the kiss but she turns him down. He makes the fatal mistake of going from ‘kissing to finger banging’ in a matter of seconds, which turns her off.

Elsewhere, Hank and Samurai get ready to read the script. Samurai’s girlfriend comes downstairs before they can get to it though, she’s expecting the rapper to take her out. Unfortunately for her, he’d rather read his script, but he does have an idea, Hank can take her out for a bit.

While reluctant at first, Moody eventually agrees. They go to a club where she starts hitting on him. It takes everything in him, but Hank resists. Later in the night though, the two share a bonding moment which leads to a ‘goodbye kiss’ which of course, leads to a whole lot more.

After the two get it on, Hank brings Samurai’s girlfriend back home where the rapper greets them, not suspecting a thing. He does pull a gun on Hank but he’s just messing with him, apparently Samurai is still in character.

On his way out from Samurai’s, Hank gets a call from Karen and he rushes over. Becca found out Tyler was cheating on her and she’s devastated. As thrilled as Hank is to hear the news, he goes to console his daughter. The two share a father/daughter moment as we cut to end credits.

So, there’s still not a whole lot happening this season on Californication. Well, aside from a lot of predictability. We all knew Tyler would get caught cheating and that Hank would hook up with Samurai’s girlfriend. The worst part about it is, neither of those events really led anywhere or seemed to have any impact on the overall direction of the storyline for this season, which was pretty disappointing.

Next week we’ll be about a third of the way through and if I don’t see any improvements, I’m going to be very upset. So far, this season has seemed mostly pointless. Nothing has really gone on and nothing significant is happening, for any of the characters. Let’s hope this slow start isn’t representative of what the rest of the season holds in store for us.