Californication Season 5-04 ‘Waiting For The Miracle’ Recap

This week on Californication, Hank awakes in Runkle’s place to a text message from Carrie, his girlfriend from New York. She tells him that she’s in LA and wants to see him but he refuses. Not letting up, she tells him she’s got a surprise for him. Just then Hank hears the doorbell ring, he walks outside to see the psycho herself waiting on the doorstep. She’s thrilled to see him but unfortunately the feeling isn’t mutual. Cue opening credits.

As the episode opens up, Hank and Carrie are ending off some exercise in bed. She’s all over him but he tries to make it clear that he’s not interested. She begs him for more bedroom activities just as the doorbell rings, again. Karen and Becca have arrived. Of course, Carrie walks out of the room and an awkward encounter ensues. It results in Hank and Carrie being invited over to Karen’s for dinner, which Hank is less than thrilled with.

Despite his feelings towards her, Hank still accepts a bit of pleasure from Carrie in his car as they pull up to Karen’s for dinner later that evening. It’s all going well until Bates, Stu and Marcy catch the two in the act.

At the dinner party, Carrie continues to embarrass Hank and Bates manages to embarrass Karen, both by talking about their sex lives. As the conversation at the dinner table moves purely to the topic of sex, Stu and Marcy join in as well. Pretty soon all three couples are sharing sex stories, which makes almost everyone uncomfortable, especially Hank.

Elsewhere, Runkle is on a date, which seems to be going fairly well. He takes the girl back to his place where she reveals that she’s a virgin. He’s a bit shocked but she wins him over by telling him she’ll do dirty things. Keeping in tone with the rest of the episode, the result is an awkward one.

Back at the dinner party, Becca walks in and tells Hank that she’s giving Tyler another chance. Both Karen and Hank deter her from doing so but she’s set on it. After Becca walks out the door, Hank starts fighting with Bates over Karen and that’s when Carrie starts to realize that her relationship with Hank isn’t going anywhere. She gets angry and starts yelling at him before storming off.

Hank then walks off and heads outside. Karen comes out to console him and the two share a moment as Hank’s one true love tries holds him in her arms. Cue to slow music and ending credits.

While we once again get an episode that doesn’t progress the story much, I did enjoy this one. The dinner party scenes were great as was Runkle’s experience with the virgin, both providing tons of laughs. There was also a touching moment between Hank and Karen at the end that despite audiences’ hopes, likely won’t lead to anything.

I know I keep saying this but I still can’t see any kind of arc forming this season, as far as plot goes at least. Everything feels like filler, nothing feels important. What’s keeping us watching every week? Where’s the running storyline? If any of you can pick it out then please, let me know in the comments because right now, I don’t see anything.

We’re a third of the way through season five and only have one good episode so far. Can the show pick it up for the last two thirds of the season? Keep watching and you’ll find out.