Calling out the hypocrisy of ‘Star Wars’ fans goes about as well as you’d expect

Star Wars hypocrisy
Image: Disney Plus

Andor is in full flight on Disney Plus, and while the reaction has been mostly positive, there’s been plenty of discussion about its pacing.

Released with three episodes on debut (a quarter of the season’s episodes), Andor has been likened to fellow slow-starter The Book of Boba Fett, as fans wonder if there’s been a big double standard on the discussions over the two series. Boba Fett’s first solo series was much-hyped after his emphatic entry in the second season of The Mandalorian but had issues getting into gear.

Comparatively, Andor started slow bus has received praise for its slow burn beginning to life on streaming. A Redditor pointed out the inconsistency and has subsequently been ripped apart by fellow Star Wars fans, because of course they have.

Right away, comments flew in saying the difference between the two show’s pacing is one of them is “good,” with the other one “terrible.” We’ll let you guess which one is which in this scenario.

Similarly, being a slow burn series doesn’t automatically make you good and interesting. If a series is slow but lacks precision, it’s definitely more on the dull side to watch. Perhaps Boba Fett was also not helped by high expectations after appearing in the critic and fan favorite The Mandalorian.

A more nuanced take appeared out of the blue, as the wise man stood before all and declared “who cares, let people enjoy what they want to enjoy,” which is absolutely the right way to go about Star Wars in particular. For years, people were told not to enjoy the prequels, but now it’s almost sacrilege to mock them.

The best way to enjoy Star Wars is to realize not every single bit put out by the all-encompassing franchise will be designed precisely for you.

Regardless of what fans think, Andor will continue streaming exclusively on Disney Plus alongside the entire Star Wars saga.