Cameron Monaghan Teases Jerome’s Return To Gotham In Two Weeks


Gotham season 4 is about to return from its winter break, and one of the things fans can’t wait to see when it kicks off again is Cameron Monaghan’s latest guest spot on the show as Jerome Valeska. The actor has always been one of the most praised on the series for his turn as the proto-Joker and it looks like things will be coming to a head for his character very soon.

Monaghan took to his Instagram account this weekend to tease the return of Jerome to Gotham and in the process, he confirmed that he won’t be seen in next week’s midseason premiere but instead in the episode following it. He also might appear a few more times after that.

Here’s the intriguing caption that accompanied Monaghan’s post:

“Less than a week until Gotham returns and less than two weeks until you get to see this guy in action.
I’m excited for you all. The places this story goes by the season’s end is amazing. Some of the coolest, strangest stuff I’ve ever seen on television.”

He could be talking generally, of course, but it does sound from his wording that the actor’s teasing a major role for Jerome in the backhalf of Gotham season 4. This is very exciting news, especially as the show’s stars recently hinted that the Joker was coming to the Batman prequel pretty soon. So, could we see Jerome morph into the Clown Prince of Crime by the time the season is out? It’s possible. That is, if Jerome even is the Joker.

We’ve heard so much conflicting evidence on the topic over the past few years, with it being categorically stated on a few occasions that Jerome is definitely not Batman’s nemesis. However, just one glance at Monaghan and how much he looks like the supervillain surely proves that can’t be true, right?

Time will tell, but be sure to catch Gotham when it returns to Fox on March 1st.

Source: Instagram