Can You See Who Views Your TikToks?

TikTok Time

TikTok gives its users plenty of tools to check out analytics regarding their content. With their TikTok premium subscription users can tailor their content to reach the perfect target audience they’re aiming to appeal to.

TikTok offers a short video format for users to showcase content to the masses whether it be comedic or informative, the reach possible on the platform is unmatched. With one good video going viral, users could receive life-changing benefits so optimizing content to suit the times is integral to growing your account.

One of the main ways that users can change things up to get the best reception they are seeking is through finding out exactly what kinds of people are checking out their videos, but there may also be other reasons to find out who is viewing your content.

TikTok has chosen to limit the data accessible by each user for privacy reasons but here’s what you should know about the user info TikTok will disclose. 

Can I See Who Is Viewing My Videos On TikTok?


Right now Twitch doesn’t offer any features that will give users a list of each person to view their video, but you can see how many people have checked it out as well as other specific analytics.

With the help of a TikTok Pro account, users can see an overview of their account with performance graphs for their followers and views for both their whole account and specific videos. With these indicators, users can see when content is getting recognized and what type of content is working best which can be used to devise the best strategy for growth.

It doesn’t appear that TikTok has plans to implement any feature that would allow a user to see exactly who has viewed their content, so for now, you’ll have to rely on the information you do have at your disposal.