Canceled Comic Book Show Could Be Resurrected By HBO Max

y the last man

All the effort that it took to bring Y: The Last Man into live-action turned out to be a total and utter waste of time when the series was canceled by FX after just one season, which came almost fifteen years after the theatrical iteration of the project had entered development.

Over the years names like D.J. Caruso, Shia LaBeouf, Zachary Levi, David S. Goyer and Dan Trachtenberg all came and went before The Last Man finally premiered on Hulu under the stewardship of Eliza Clark and Brian K. Vaughn. Reviews were solid if unspectacular, but it still came as a surprise when it was confirmed any plans for Season 2 were dead in the water just weeks after the show landed on our screens.

However, there’s already talk that it could end up being resurrected elsewhere, with HBO Max named as a potential contender. As per The Hollywood Reporter, if Y: The Last Man is saved from the jaws of death, then WarnerMedia’s platform is the most likely destination.

That makes sense when the source material hailed from DC’s Vertigo imprint, and HBO Max is going all-in on comic book content with a massive number of episodic and feature-length efforts in various stages of development from some of the industry’s most notable filmmakers, so the end may not be nigh quite yet for Y: The Last Man.