Candice Patton Talks About Iris Becoming A Mother In The Flash Season 5


The Flash always ends its season on a massive game-changing cliffhanger, and season 4’s was one of the best yet. The final moments revealed that Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl was Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. That’s sure to throw the Scarlet Speedster and his wife for a loop when The CW show returns for its fifth season.

Back at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, had the chance to catch up with Candice Patton and ask her how Iris will react to the appearance of her future daughter, as well as what it was like to play a character who’s faced with such a monumental curveball. The actress explained that it was nice to do something different, saying:

“Well, I mean just for me as an actor it’s always nice to do something new which is something our show affords each of us there’s always something interesting and new and different to play with every season, but for Iris yeah, it’s facing this idea that you’ve got a daughter from the future who has come back to visit you and why? Why would she be back? And the strange thing is that she’s very much in love with her father and she has some tension with her mother which Iris doesn’t really understand or doesn’t really get why.”

Patton’s previously revealed that there will be some tension between Iris and Nora that the former journalist will try to get the bottom of. Apparently, this won’t anger Iris as much as upset her and drive her to find out why she favors her father so much.

While talking at SDCC, Patton also touched on how Iris is “100%” a “mamma bear” and the constant danger that her daughter puts herself in while superhero’ing with her dad brings out her maternal side.

“She’s just like her father, they both want to be in the middle and the thick of any problem that is going on which is obviously going to make Iris very maternal and nervous so there’s going to be some conflict there of Iris having to deal two loves of her life putting themselves in danger constantly.”

Whatever Nora’s reason is for giving her mother the cold shoulder, we’ve been told we won’t have to wait too long to find out the answer. Kennedy has teased that “something has obviously happened” to cause this rift and promised that it’ll come out pretty early into the new run.

Speaking of which, The Flash season 5 kicks off on Tuesday, October 9th.