Is Candice Patton Teasing Jesse Quick’s Return To The Flash?


The Flash season 3 was stuffed with speedsters, but season 4 quickly dispensed with practically all of them in order to make Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen feel special again. Kid Flash was written out (ahead of his move to Legends of Tomorrow), Jay Garrick hasn’t turned up all year and Jesse Quick only briefly returned to send a “break-up” cube to her former boyfriend Wally. But could one of them be coming back to The Flash soon?

That’s what this new photo Candice Patton’s shared on her Instagram account suggests. The actress, who brings Iris West-Allen to life on The CW show, posted an image of Violett Beane (who played Jesse throughout seasons 2 and 3) and her dog, at what looks to be a coffee shop.

The question is: was this just a social meet-up between two friends, or is it a sign that Jesse Quick is leaving Earth-2 for a trip back to Earth-1 in an upcoming episode of The Flash?

Jesse Quick was introduced back in season 2 as the daughter of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells. At the end of that season, she was hit with dark matter from the second particle accelerator explosion. Come season 3, and Jesse had developed super speed and suited up as the resident speedster of her Earth. She also developed a romantic relationship with Wally that was going pretty well. Until she sent him that embarrassing “break-up cube,” delivered by her dad.

If we’re right, and Violett Beane is returning to the show, the upcoming episode that will most likely feature the character is “Enter Flashtime,” which is scheduled to be the fifteenth installment of the season. It’s rumoured that the episode could actually include as many speedsters as possible, meaning that John Wesley Shipp will also come back as Jay Garrick as well as Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally hopping over from Legends of Tomorrow.

The Flash is taking a break for Valentine’s Day week, but it’ll be back on Tuesday, February 27th with new episodes.