Cartoon Network Confirms New Justice League Animated Series


Cartoon Network’s original 2001 Justice League animated series and its Justice League Unlimited follow-up are considered by many to be among the greatest animated TV shows ever produced, so fans should be very happy to hear that the network is putting together a brand new incarnation – although, it’ll probably be well into next year before we see it.

Early last month, the photo below popped up online and led to speculation that we might be getting a new series. It was reportedly taken at Warner Bros.’ Burbank offices, and shows an animated “JLA” teaser image alongside posters for several other upcoming Cartoon Network projects.

There were some that figured it might just be something to do with the old Justice League show, but Cartoon Network Canada has confirmed that we will indeed see a brand new animated take on DC’s finest – we may just have a while to wait is all, as they reckon it won’t make it to screens until at least Fall of 2016.

Whether it matches up to the classic Justice League series remains to be seen of course, but now that the cat’s out of the bag we should be getting something official on this fairly soon, so keep an eye out for updates.


Source: CBM