The Cast Beyond The Wall: “The Children”(Episode 10)


The Children (1)

Game of Thrones season 4 has been a runaway roller coaster and it all culminated in last week’s finale, “The Children”, when showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss delivered the greatest Father’s Day gift HBO has ever seen. Now, The Cast Beyond the Wall has returned and is here to talk about all of the game-changing deaths that were carried out in the epic finale.

Austin, Daniel, and I start off by debating whether or not Stannis should have made his surprise appearance last week before we talk about all of the exciting possibilities of a Jon Snow/Stannis team-up. Elsewhere, Mance Raynder is finally back and it looks like his true motives may have been revealed. Further North, Bran finally arrives to see the long foreshadowed Three-Eyed Crow and the reveal is equal parts baffling and shocking. In the south, Arya and the Hound run into the old fan-favorites Brienne and Podrick for one of the best fights in Game of Thrones history.

That’s not all, though, as everyone’s favorite Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains continues to learn hard lessons now that one of her dragons has killed a child, and in one of the saddest moments of the season so far, Daenerys is forced to lock her pets in chains to protect her people. Has her luck finally run out?

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Tywin is having a rough Father’s Day as Cersei spills the beans on her affairs with Jaime, and Tyrion gives him a surprise visit while he’s on the toilet.

“The Children” gave us a number of deaths, too, with Jojen, Shae and Tywin all being taken off the map. How will this change the world of Westeros and how will the Lannisters maintain their power? Tune in for the latest episode of The Cast Beyond the Wall to find out!

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