The Cast Beyond The Wall: First Of His Name (Episode 5)

The First of His Name 3

Sorry for the delay, folks, but we’re finally back with another episode of The Cast Beyond the Wall, our Game of Thrones podcast. This week, we’re joined by co-hosts Daniel Stull, Austin Lucari, and special guest host Jessica Martin.

On this episode, the gang discuss the shocking reveal about Jon Arryn’s death and how it completely changes everything. We also talk about how Cersei and her continued political masterminding as she visits each of Tyrion’s judges before the big trial begins. Is everyone’s favorite dwarf finally backed into a corner that even he can’t talk his way out of?

Lastly, we make sure not to miss a beat in the North’s unmapped territory, as Bran and Jon come ever closer to that Stark reunion we’ll never get to have. Speaking of which, when did Jon versus Karl Tanner turn into Mortal Kombat?

Tune into the latest episode of The Cast Beyond The Wall for answers to all those questions and more. Also, we just want to apologize in advanced as we ran into a few audio issues with the last portion of the show. Rest assured though, we have new software now and there won’t be any problems next week.

Feel free to submit all questions and comments to [email protected] and we’ll try to read your email on the next show!

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