The Cast Inside The Strain: Creatures Of The Night (Episode 8)

Creatures of the Night 2

This week’s episode of The Strain threw team Eph, everyone’s favorite rat exterminator Vasiliy Fet, and the elite computer hacker Dutch Velders together in a gas station surrounded by vampires for one of the most intense instalments of the show yet.

This episode may not have done much to advance the overarching plot, but it looks like it’s bringing a number of these long running subplots back together as we head into the final act of this action packed first season. Creatures of the Night is charged with character moments, molotov throwing action, and a death nobody saw coming this episode. It’s got The Strain  back on track as it heads into the season’s eventual endgame with The Master.

Do we think it’s the best episode so far, though? Find out in our latest discussion on The Cast Inside the Strain, as we cover our favorite siege movies, the real vampire weaknesses, and our reactions to the shocking death of Jim Kent.

As always, feel free to send any and all questions/comments to [email protected], and enjoy the show!

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