The Cast Inside The Strain: It’s Not For Everyone (Episode 4)


It's Not For Everyone

The Cast Inside the Strain is joined by very special guest Drew Nelson this week for a fantastic interview before we jump in and review Sunday’s action packed episode, It’s Not For Everyone!

Nelson is a hot up and comer who has guest starred in Suits, Supernatural, Smallville and Fringe, but fans of The Strain know him as none other than Kelly Goodweather’s romantic interest, Matt Sayles. We talk to Drew about his history with the role, the juicy on-set stories, and his favorite part about working with Del Toro and Corey Stoll. This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

Later on, we dive into this week’s episode of The Strain, where things really take off as Eph and company finally get their shot at the gross-out autopsy of the year. We also take a closer look at the insides of one of the vampires before we hit the streets and discuss Gus’s part in the looming vampire gang war. Lastly, we catch up with flight survivor Ansel as he protects his wife and sends his dog Spot to the latest entry of All Dogs Go to Heaven.

This week’s episode of The Strain was packed wall to wall with exciting moments and we don’t miss a beat in our in-depth discussion of It’s Not For Everyone. Tune in to hear our interview with Drew, vampire decapitations, our guessing game of death, and more!

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