The Cast Inside The Strain: Loved Ones (Episode 10)

The Strain - Episode 1.10 - Loved Ones - Promotional Photo 1

In this week’s instalment of The Cast Inside the Strain, we jump straight into last night’s episode, Loved Ones, and we argue whether or not Kelly’s flashback adventures are really worth the trip.

This week’s episode of The Strain may come up a bit short, but there’s no shortage of interesting tidbits to discuss. While Eph is out searching for Kelly, Setrakian begins planning an assault on the Master’s lair. Meanwhile, Vasiliy and Dutch attempt to undo the computer hack by breaking into the Stoneheart Group. Also, Palmer’s ever loyal butler and bodyguard Fitzwilliam reveals his true colors, which leads Dustin and I to choosing our very own bodyguards for the vampire apocalypse.

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Enjoy the show!

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