The Cast Inside The Strain: The Master (Episode 13)

the strain the master 2

Ladies and gentlemen of the undead jury, we’ve finally reached the season one finale of The Strain! There’s no shortage of character moments and huge plot points to cover before we wrap our talk of one of this summer’s hottest shows, and we kick off our discussion by looking back at some of our favorite television finales of all-time.

It’s not long before we get to FX’s hit show though and when we do, we ask the critical question: does The Master deliver on everything we’d hoped for? The finale brings a number of threads full circle as we finally catch up with Gus and his undead Ninja pals as they tease us with a mythology powered agenda. We also watch as Eph and Setrakian both become very desperate with their next attack on the Master’s lair. It all plays out quite well, but the episode still manages to end in an especially frustrating spot. Dustin and I hash out the finer details as we try to decide whether or not the show played things too safe in its final hour.

The Strain‘s first season might be over, but we’ve still got one last discussion to share with you all as we will be bringing you a season one wrap up next week. Until then, check out the newest episode of the podcast below and enjoy! And to keep the conversation going, follow Dustin or myself on Twitter, and send your questions/comments to [email protected]

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