The Cast Inside The Strain: The Third Rail (Episode 11)


This week’s episode of The Strain finally kicks the season ending face-off into high gear as team Eph leave Zach and Ms. Martinez in the shop as they prepare to take on The Master’s Lair. The Third Rail succeeds as this season’s most intense episode yet, thanks to some tight crawl spaces, vamped out looters, and a couple of UV rave parties, and The Cast Inside The Strain is here to discuss it all.

This episode may have featured some of the best moments of the series so far, but Dustin and I get into a heated discussion about this week’s B-plot featuring Zach’s misadventures to find cigarettes for Ms. Martinez. How much can one storyline really ruin an episode? Tune in to hear our arguments for and against the great cigarette escapade.

Now that we’ve entered the homestretch this season, main characters seem to be in even more danger than ever. There’s a lot on the line as Dustin and I take a stab at some predictions for who lives, who dies, and who moves onto the next season. Can Eph and Setrakian both make it through the first season, or is one of them doomed to bite the bullet? Take a listen to our guesses in the ever ominous game of death.

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