The Cast Inside The Strain: For Services Rendered (Episode 7)


The Strain - Episode 1.07 - For Services Rendered - Promotional Photo

The Strain ended with a massive vampire-ninja filled twist last night and we’re here to discuss it in-depth on this week’s episode of The Cast Inside the Strain.

For Services Rendered actually featured a number of exciting storylines outside of that awesome ending, as team Eph decides to use Jim Kent in an attempt to lure Eichhorst into a trap so that they can find the Master. This finally leads to a quick faceoff between Abraham and Eichhorst, which had even more weight after this week’s game changing flashbacks. Speaking of the 1940s concentration camp, how about the big reveal with the box?

Tune in to The Cast Inside the Strain to hear us talk every plot point and our prediction for who lives, who dies, and what’s going to go down next week. And, as always, feel free to send any and all questions/comments to [email protected]

Enjoy the show!

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