The Cast Beyond The Wall: “The Laws Of Gods And Men” (Episode 6)


The Cast Beyond The Wall is back this week with guest host Dalton Stewart of Good Trash Genre Cast fame to discuss the newest episode of Game of Thrones, which features one of the most powerful and gut wrenching moments of the entire series.

In this week’s episode, we get our first glimpse into the much talked about city of Braavos, where Stannis and Davos appeal to the Gringotts….I mean Iron Bank to fund a new army. There’s more though, as Austin is finally relieved to see the Greyjoys return as Yara charges Ramsey’s fort to take back her long lost brother, Theon, and Daenerys learns that ruling a kingdom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as her dragons begin taking down goats. To close out, we discuss Peter Dinklage’s Emmy class speech that had all our jaws on the floor as he pleaded for a trial by combat to prove his innocence.

Trust us, this is one show that you don’t want to miss, as we dive right in to what just might be one of the most iconic episodes of Game of Thrones yet.

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