The Cast Beyond The Wall: “Two Swords” (Episode 1)


Hello We Got This Covered readers! I’m here to introduce The Cast Beyond the Wall, a special Game of Thrones podcast for everyone who is hungrier than Hodor for more of HBO’s hit show. The Cast Beyond the Wall features extensive in-depth reviews of each episode of the dark fantasy series as we talk our favorite characters, the big twists from each week, and deliver the most enjoyable and pop culture filled analysis of any podcast this side of the Wall.

While we’ve been doing this show for a while now, We Got This Covered has allowed for us to find a new home and so, from now on, you can catch all future episodes of The Cast Beyond The Wall right here!

This week, we review the massively anticipated Game of Thrones season 4 opener, Two Swords! The Lannisters may have won the war, but King’s Landing and the rest of Westeros are far from safety and peace on the eve of the Joffrey Baratheon/Margery Tyrell wedding. We catch up with everyone’s favorite characters including Jaime, Arya, Cersei, Tyrion, and even the mightiest of knights, Brienne of Tarth!

Now that the Starks have been all but defeated, we’re left trying to decide what house to root for. I debate with Daniel Stull and Austin Lucari about the consequences of the red wedding, Cersei’s legitimacy with Jaime, Arya’s Blues Brothers style journey to the dark side with the Hound, and the arrival of the irresistible Oberyn Martell. The game has changed and the stakes are higher than ever.

Are the Wildlings finally about to make a move? Will Jaime be able to make it in the new King’s Landing? Tune in to dive straight into George R.R. Martin’s wild world of Westeros and join the most exciting fan discussion that the Riverlands has to offer.

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