The Cast Beyond The Wall: “The Watchers On The Wall” (Episode 9)


The Watchers on the Wall 2

It’s been four years in the making, but the Wildlings have finally made it to the wall for one of the most epic battles in TV history. We apologize for the lateness, folks, but The Cast Beyond the Wall has arrived just in time to discuss this climactic and hugely polarizing episode of Game of Thrones! Austin, Daniel, and I are joined by a former professor and avid Thrones fan Mark Pickens to weigh in on whether or not there’s any hope for Sam as the Thenns attack.

This week’s episode revs up the epic scope to an eleven as it tries to give the unforgettable “Blackwater” a run for it’s money as the most bombastic Game of Thrones episode yet! Swords will clash and blades will bleed as Mark and Austin argue Sam’s newfound meaning and leadership while Daniel and I can’t seem to agree on how well the battle ended. And all of us try to decide whether we cared enough about Ygritte to mourn her cheesy and anti-climatic death.

Director Neil Marshall returns to the director’s chair and brings his creativity and love of wWildling killing Night’s Watch cooks along with him. Did I mention that there were also giants riding mammoths?

Is this the best episode of the show yet? Is there any hope for Samwell Tarly? Most importantly, will Janos Slynt ever come out of the closet to confront the giants? Tune in and join us on this week’s episode of The Cast Beyond the Wall to find out!

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