Castle Fall TV Preview

Season three of Castle ended on a pair of shocking notes. First up was the reveal that Ruben Santiago Hudson’s Captain Montgomery had played a peripheral role in the death of Beckett’s (Stana Katic) mother. To make amends, Montgomery sacrificed his life to capture the men involved with the murder.

Montgomery’s death wasn’t the last shock of the Castle season finale however. At Montgomery’s funeral Beckett is shot in the chest while delivering the eulogy. The finale came to a close with Beckett lying seemingly dead and Castle (Nathan Fillion) holding her and giving her the kiss that fans had been waiting to see, though not under this circumstance.

Season 4 of Castle premieres Monday, September 19th on ABC and it is not a spoiler to tell you that Beckett survived being shot and will be back at the precinct. Now, fans want to know, after Castle’s confession of love, will Castle and Beckett finally get together in season 4?

The answer is no, according to star Stana Katic. In an interview with TV Guide Stana Katic said:

“She’s making an adult decision not to dive into something because she doesn’t want to screw it up.” She continued “She’s in love with him. She’s dated other guys, but he’s the only guy she’s been in love with.”

Castle meanwhile, blames himself for what happened to Beckett and his guilt over her shooting will be a storyline with some teeth if the season premiere promo embedded below is any indication.

Joining the cast of Castle for season four is former 24 First Lady, Penny Johnson Jerald. Jerald is the new Captain, Victoria ‘Iron’ Gates, and she will cause serious trouble for Castle from day one with the simple question: What is he doing here?

As for guest stars in season four, the headliner is Kristen Lehman from the AMC drama The Killing. Lehman is joining Castle for several episodes this fall as a potential romantic roadblock for Castle and Beckett. Is it possible that Castle could have eyes for another?

True Blood vamp Jessica Tuck will also guest on Castle this fall. Tuck is set to play the subject of a murder investigation.

Fans have developed a loyalty to Castle on Monday nights and they are recruiting. That likely means that Castle will continue the ratings gains that the show has cultivated in each of the first three seasons on the air. Another buzz heavy season of Dancing with the Stars will help as well but it’s the chemistry of stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic that will keep bringing new fans to Castle.

Castle returns to ABC on Monday, September 19th.

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