CBS Confident Star Trek Won’t Fall Prey To Franchise Fatigue


Alex Kurtzman is, for all intents and purposes, the creative driving force behind Star Trek‘s small-screen expansion.

He served as executive producer and writer on Discovery‘s inaugural season, before taking on an increased role within CBS All Access. His mission? To oversee the Star Trek franchise as it plants its roots further into the TV landscape.

Discovery‘s second season has already blasted into orbit, while the Powers That Be are making serious headway on the Captain Picard spinoff series that will soon herald the long-awaited return of Patrick Stewart, a true Trek veteran. Not only that, but CBS recently committed to an offshoot centered on Captain Georgiou, which will seemingly involve a “continuation of her adventures in Starfleet’s Section 31 division.”

But if you’re worried that Star Trek is now at risk of over-saturation, don’t be; Alex Kurtzman recently told TheWrap that he plans to roll out new content “wisely and effectively.”

There’s no benefit to just pushing out into the marketplace tons of ‘Star Trek content. That’s not our intention. We’re looking to mine it wisely and effectively. In an ideal world, ‘Star Trek’ fans would be interested in great ‘Star Trek’ shows that could be a variety of talent and subject matter. They have to [feel] right, and the timing has to feel right.

That’s reassuring, then, particularly when you note that Star Trek was guilty of pumping out too much material in the late ’90s and early ’00s, when the world was totally enamored with all things Trek. But times have changed. With online streaming platforms like Netflix and CBS All Access, it’s not uncommon for companies to accelerate production to keep pace with the at-times insatiable demand.

Kurtzman, on the other hand, clearly has no intention of rushing new Star Trek projects out the gate – even if he is in control of one of the industry’s most beloved franchises. And that kind of patience and forethought ought to be welcomed with open arms.

Source: TheWrap